The MECC encourages patrons to engage with performances as they need, we are an accessible friendly building.

Drop-Off Zones

The MECC has one official drop off zone, which is located in the main carpark with entry via Alfred Street. An additional drop off zone is located in the Mackay Regional Council carpark with entry via Gordon Street.

Accessible Entries

Most entries to the MECC are accessible via either a ramp, or level ground flooring. However, please note that most entries are closed during non-event times. During non-event times, only the South Box Office door (Entry H) will be unlocked.

  • Convention Centre via Alfred Street (Entry F): You will find a wheelchair ramp access along Alfred Street, opposite to Central State School and parallel to the bus drop of zone.
  • Convention Centre via corner of Alfred Street and Macalister Street (Entry E): You will find a wheelchair ramp access on the corner of Alfred and Macalister Street, near the ‘MECC’ sign.
  • South or North Box Office (Entry A and H): You will find wheelchair ramp access located at the drop off zone near our North Box Office (Entry A) and South Box Office (Entry H), in the Alfred Street Carpark.
  • North Foyer via Macalister Street (Entry D): If you are entering the North Foyer via the MECC/Senior Citizens carpark, this is flat level access and is wheelchair friendly.
  • North Foyer via Gordon Street Car Park (Entry A and B): If parking in Mackay Regional Council’s car park which is accessed via Gordon Street, there are flat level concrete paths leading the way to Entry A and B.


The nearest designated accessible parking spaces are:

  • Main MECC carpark via Alfred Street: 2 accessible parking spaces
  • MECC/Senior Citizens carpark via Macalister Street: 3 accessible parking spaces
  • Mackay Regional Council/Artspace carpark via Gordon Street: 3 accessible parking spaces


Wheelchair users may transfer to fixed theatre seats if they choose, if permission is granted for MECC Door Ushers to store their wheelchairs during the performance, where possible.

  • Auditorium: Has 4 designated wheelchair spaces, with seats reserved for friends and family. Wheelchair seats are only available via phone or walk-up bookings, there is no phone transaction fee for those booking these accessible spaces.
  • Plenary Halls and Meeting Rooms: Have unlimited wheelchair spaces. Wheelchair seats are only available via phone or walk-up bookings, there is no phone transaction fee for those accessing these accessible spaces.
  • Lynette Denny Space: Has 2 wheelchair spaces in front of the raked seating. Wheelchair seats are only available via phone or walk-up bookings, there is no phone transaction fee for those accessing these accessible spaces.

Plus Size Patrons

Patrons who require larger seats or extra leg room are encouraged to purchase their tickets in Row L.

  • These seats have a minimum width of 51cm (in some instances this can extend up to 60cm) and have 48cm’s of leg room.
  • As our Auditorium seating is curved, it is difficult to state an exact width for each seat and isle, however on average, our other isle seats are a minimum of 41cm wide with 41cm worth of leg room.

Stairs on the North Side of the MECC

Unfortunately, there are no lifts available in the Auditorium. Wheelchair users can access their seats via Door 1 or Door 3 using ramps.

  • Internal Auditorium Stairs: Are a minimum 29 cm deep (and in some sections of the steps, this expands to 43 cm deep) and 12cm high.
  • External Auditorium (stairs leading from foyer): Provide access to Door 2 or Door 4 are 29 cm deep and 16 cm high.


  • Auditorium: An accessible restroom is available on ground level outside Door 3. This restroom also has baby change facilities available.
  • Convention Centre: An accessible restroom is available in the South Foyer.

Baby Change Facilities

  • Auditorium: Baby change facilities are available on ground level outside Door 3.
  • Convention Centre: Baby change facilities are available on ground level in the South Foyer.

Hearing Receivers - Entertainment Centre Auditorium (North Side)

  • Hearing receivers are available to use from the Box Office. Register at the Box Office before the event. Please contact the Box Office on 4961 9777.

Hearing Loop - Convention Centre / Plenary Halls or Meeting Rooms (South Side)

  • A Hearing Loop T-Switch is available, just set your hearing device to the Telecoil Program. If you are experiencing any issues, please visit the box office. Please see our hearing assistance brochure here.

Booking Tickets

  • Tickets may be booked in person, online, by email or via the phone.
  • We happily accept calls via the National Relay Service and can process your booking over the phone. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patrons may also book tickets online or by emailing us to reserve tickets ahead of time and paying in person at the box office on the night of the performance.

Companion Cards

  • Companion Card holders qualify for a complimentary second ticket to bring along a companion. The cardholder must provide their Companion Card details when making bookings and present the valid ID card to receive their ticket/s from the Box Office. To access this program, please contact our MECC ticketing team to book (07 4961 9777 or )

Specific Performance Information / Warnings

  • The MECC will attempt to inform patrons as much information about shows as possible. This includes any performance information and/or warnings. However, please feel free to contact staff to find out specific information about each production (ex, the extend of strobe lighting). Contact our ticketing team on 07 4961 9777 or

Assistance Animals

  • Assistance animals (qualified and in-training) are welcome in our venue.