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Mayor's messageThe Mackay Festival of Arts is going into its 33rd year so there can be no doubting its significance or acceptance as one of our iconic community events. Every year our Festivals team goes above and beyond to come up with exciting new performances and unique experiences, and this year is no exception.

The events in the 2019 program are tremendous. Courses in Colour will be a highlight, combining the gourmet grandeur of the MECC’s elite chefs with the elaborate lighting and special effects skills of the theatre’s audio-visual team. It will be a unique dining experience.

The Festival is a fantastic celebration of colour, fun, and music.

It triumphs the exuberant, the elaborate and the delicious, and transforms our city in the best of ways. This year, we are inviting all of Queensland to be part of #MackayInJuly through partnerships with local businesses to spread the festival spirit right across the region!

In 2018, the Festival went up the Valley to the Pinnacle Playhouse with packed-out performances. This year, we are doing that again, and more. The Loose Ends children’s theatre show will be performed at the Playhouse and the Bob Wood Cultural Hall in Sarina. Both of these shows will be free thanks to the support of the Sarina Community Bank Branch® Bendigo Bank.

Two of our Festival favourites – the Lunchbox Concerts and DBCT Illuminate – have come together to give young performers a larger audience and to add a wonderful musical accompaniment to the DBCT Illuminate experience.

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing support of our loyal sponsors G&S Engineering, DBCT, Friends of the MECC, BB Print, Sarina Community Bank® Branch Bendigo Bank and ABC Tropical North. A big thank you to all of these organisations for their continued investment in our community!


Don’t miss one of our best parties!

Mayor Greg Williamson

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